Why Sig Phi?

Dedicated to Engineering

    "The Object of the Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity shall be to promote the advancement of the Engineering Profession..."

3D Printer

The Beta Lambda chapter has invested in a 3-D priter from Robo. It is an available resource to the members of the chapter, alumni, and pledges. This chapter investment has been a great resource in helping the brothers advance their engineering studies by allowing them to visualize their models, thus maintain high G.P.As. The printer is also used to print fun projects, or useful gadgets.


    A balance of community service and philanthropy is maintained through the fraternity because it is important to the brothers to give back to the commnity. Philanthropy events such as blood drives with the Red Cross Foundation, fundraisers to help local non-profits, beach clean ups are held each year.


Professionalism is a value held in very high regard at the San Diego State University chapter of Sigma Phi Delta. We pride ourselves in constantly and personally developing the skills that prepare our members for the Engineering career field! Comprehensive and detailed advice from mentors of our organization provide massive value to our current members. Our programs for professionalism include but are not limited to: Engineering resume composition, dynamic interview techniques, touring amazing engineering facilities and more! Thanks to our programs, our brothers have landed numerous internships and careers in leading industry positions and entrepreneurship.

Contact our Recriuter!

Adrian Melgoza

Cell: (408)-722-0115
E-Mail: melgoza00@gmail.com


The Sigma Phi Delta fraternity is the perfect balance between social and professional fraternities. The brothers empathize with the struggle and work load that results from majoring in engineering, and are guided by the motto 'work hard, play harder'. The fraternity hosts sorority events, parties, and other social events to show there's a lot more to engineers than being good at math. Ask any brother about our next social event and come meet the fun loving gentlemen of Sigma Phi Delta.